Teresa Scanlan Review

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One of the things that makes Wee Three Kings so amazing is that it addresses a vast number of important issues and values Isabel Marant Shoes UK . During my year as Miss America I was approached over and over again by parents and fellow Christians who explained that there are too few positive role models in the world and expressed their frustration over this. I believe a story like Wee Three Kings begins to address this issue and I truly hope others will learn from and follow the model of writing in this book. It’s a fun lighthearted story but it also deals with issues like crisis, loss, forgiveness and redemption.

The diversity of the characters and their situations create an easy transition into discussing these issues as a family. Whether ita��s the wounded soldier in the hospital, the homeless man with schizophrenia, the Chinese factory worker, the children in the orphanage or the retired couple in the nursing home; the same positive theme shines through: God loves them and cares about them.

I would encourage families to read this book together, as there are lots of conversation starters packed into this great little book. It’s sure to become a family Christmas tradition that teaches new life lessons year after year. The wee kings in this story may be small, but they have captured a big place in my heart!

-Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011