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Post your comments on or drop us a line on our contact page and we will post your comments here. Thanks for sharing! by M. EllisA�,A�November 30, 2012
“Hard to put this book down. The author has done a fantastic job of weaving important Biblical principles throughout the story!”~ M.Ellis
A�A�rated it: A� A�I really enjoyed this enchanting Christmas story about three ceramic Nativity figurines that miraculously come to life each Christmas to discover and fulfill their God-given mission in one night. It is filled with adventure as they travel throughout the world and over the years. I would have loved to have read this story to my children at Christmas when they were younger. They would have loved it! It illustrates nicely the power of God through Jesus and the opposing forces of darkness that do exist apart from Christ.

a�?I loved it and how the stories combined at the very end! Such a good ending, but where did JW and Abbey end up? What city? And when [SPOILER] died? I almost cried!!! Such a good story! I’ll read it to my kids when I have them when I’m grown up!!!!a�? ~Megan age 12

“I really like how Thunder acts like a dog! I couldn’t set the book down because it was so good. I kept on reading it. I finished it in nineA�hours!” ~Brandy, age 8,A�Phoenix, AZ
“Great book brother!! I really like Charlie the homeless guy and of course the over all theme of God having a purpose for each one of us. Very well written and great message.” Chris F. Lander, WY

“I saw this on FOX 4 TV and read the Kindle Isabel Marant Shoes UK version. I really enjoyed it. To me, it showed how our life makes a full circle.” ~Susie, Cameron, MO

“Excellent kids book that the whole family will enjoy!!!” ~Craig, Phoenix, AZ

“Wee Three Kings” was such a great read! When I was reading it I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. I fell in love with the characters, especially the title characters and their adorable camel. I heartily recommend Wee Three Kings!” ~A.K., Cheyenne, WY

“A great Christmas gift for young or old!”~Suzette, Kansas City, MO

“Great book! I am buying this for my great neices and nephews. The characters are wonderful and so appealing. ItA�strengthensA�your faith in God. Congratulations Brent on your first book, but hopefully not your last.” ~ Judith W., Gering, NE

“Just finished reading Wee Three Kings and I loved it could not put it down until I finished it. Brent you did a great job with this book.” ~Robin P. Cheyenne, WY

A� A� A�”I actually won the book from a giveaway at KCMI [radio]. When I picked up the book, I immediately thought how fun it would be to read this book to my grandsons (like we used to do every Christmas, when they were younger). That day when I picked them up from school I showed them the book, they agreed it would be fun. The boys are almost 10 and 12 1/2.
A� A� A� We read after school several afternoons, finishing it up today (first day of Christmas vacation). All three of us have enjoyed the book so much. We had a lot of laughs, but most importantly we had some great discussions, about some of the scriptures and situations.A�
A� A� A� Reading the book together has been one of those memory makers that the three of us will never forget!!A�
A� A� A� Thank You for allowing God to work through you to bring this story to life. You are truly a great Author. I look forward to your next novel. God Bless you and your family during this Christmas season. Thank You for the gift you gave to my grandchildren and myself.A�Blessings.” ~A�Karren Reed, Gering, NE